Sponsorship & Exhibition

Global Print Pack Tech Expo UAE- GPPT 2023 | 30th - 31st August, 2023

The GPPT 2023 sector/market is thriving as a result of the extensive print and packaging solutions it provides to the world's various industries with segments including: Printing Technology, Ink Type, Packaging Type etc. Print and Packaging is required in all industries! Select a sponsorship package that will allow your brand to stand out at GPPT 2023. To get significant leads, present your ideas to thousands of targeted attendees.

Why Sponsor


GPPT 2023 is an ideal event for showcasing your brand's strength to the most leading companies, organisations and stakeholders in the printing and packaging industry.

Effective Lead Generation

We established GPPT UAE to sell your products and generate leads with a live audience. As a key sponsor at GPPT 2023, the event will help you generate targeted leads and close new deals.

Consumer Perception

Participating in industry-related events gives your organisation credibility and a great image. Customers see your firm as trustworthy and reliable when you sponsor an event that benefits the industry as a whole.


Sponsors will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to network with government officials, lawmakers, business executives, industry think tanks, suppliers and buyers at GPPT 2023.

Customer Connection

Your best customers will be at GPPT 2023— Take advantage of this chance to stay in touch, launch new products and provide new services that will assist you in forming long-term connections with your customers and persuading them to prefer you over your competitors.

Content Strategy

You will gain a lot from learning about the new sector's developments and commercial viability, as well as refining your content strategy, as a major sponsor. Use the event's high level of participation to generate content ideas or promote your own hashtags.

Gauge Market Reaction

GPPT 2023 is an ideal spot for gathering real-time market feedback on new and existing products and services and accordingly modifying your business approach in the market.

New Business Opportunities

Investigate new business prospects in the area. Examine the forthcoming projects and bids in the area and let your brand's presence at the event speak for itself.

Content Strategy

GPPT 2023 is a one-of-a-kind platform, establishing your brand authority and assisting it to gain a competitive advantage in the market over the other competitors.